Toca Philosophy

March 7, 2014

We believe that soccer development is based on maximizing touches on the ball.  Our goal is to develop players that are masters of the ball individually, who understand the total team concept. Touches on the ball is foundational to everything we do.  As a club we essentially believe in the “Barça Way”. The Barça system (tiki-taka) is a philosophy based on the idea that,

“Whoever has the ball, is the master of the game.” – Johan Cruyff

Our philosophy is both simplistic and complex.  The concept of getting touches and keeping possession is simple, but what it takes to do that well, requires mastery of millions of details both tactically and technically.  On top of the technical and tactical is also the relational side of playing the tiki-taka system.  Check out our director/founder’s coaching blog for a window into the holistic approach of the Toca philosophy:

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