Our Story

March 27, 2014

Toca started as a group of coaches collaborating together about the state of youth soccer. What are the problems? What needs to change? We started with what we could control; ourselves. We looked at a coach’s role, a coach’s motivation, a club’s role, a club’s motivation and how a club adds value to a community.

The Problem: the singular focus on winning keeps us from using competition as a method to refine and develop character.

Our Solution: we use competition and the pursuit of winning as a method to refine and develop the character of kids, families and coaches.

We put “2nd” things second and “1st” things first. Success is not gained by sacrificing character in order to pursue the “win”. No, we make sacrifices to “win” in the pursuit of refining and developing our character. Keeping 1st things first and 2nd things second is the only way to actually have both.

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