Vision + Values

March 7, 2014

We coach to inspire kids and families to become REMARKABLE LEADERS through our values of faith, family, and futbol.


Faith: Toca is a group of coaches committed to the Christian faith.  Our faith is what inspires and shapes our coaching.

Family: Toca is a family, it’s not just a soccer club. We put a high value on relationships and desire to see our city thrive through encouraging and supporting whole families.

Futbol: Toca is a soccer club committed to playing, “The Beautiful Game” with excellence. When we play it beautifully and do it with quality and class, it serves our players well and we know it makes our Father smile.


Revolutionize youth soccer by putting “1st things” first.

Putting our faith in Jesus as our 1st priority and letting his love be our inspiration for everything.

Valuing relationships by loving people and treating our players and parents like they are our own family.

Pursuing excellence in futbol as a way of honoring God, serving others and growing in character.


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