Toca City 

Toca City is what we call all our outreach and service focused programs and projects in Toca.





 We coach to inspire kids and families to become REMARKABLE LEADERS through our values of FAITH, FAMILY, and FUTBOL. 
 1. Urban Core Competitive Teams
Who is this for?
  • All KCK residents, especially at-risk-kids and open to ALL ethnicities
  • Johnson County/none KCK residents that want to engage in cross-cultural friendships
  • Kids age 7-18

When and where?

  • Days: 2 practices a week, typically Monday and Wednesday
  • Times: typically 4-6pm
  • Locations: John F. Kennedy Community Center, Bethany Community Center, Soccer Nation, Adrion Roberson Athletic Feild
  • Activities: soccer, educational support, and leadership enrichment
  • League/Tournaments: Soccer Nation, Challenger Sports tournaments
2. Elementary After-School Soccer Programs
  • 6-8 week after-school programs
  • 1 or 2 times a week.
  • Video:

If you are interested in having us run a soccer program at your school, please contact alec at

3. Urban Core KC College Combine
  • KC College Combine is designed to showcase the best undiscovered urban core players in KCK and KCMO.
  • 10+ local colleges in Kansas and Missouri attended this last year.
  • We have helped players be identified by local colleges and universities since our first event in 2015.

What does this next inner city generation need?

Do they need more information? More resources? More opportunities?

Poverty has a lot more to do with a lack of meaningful relationships than it does with a lack of resources, lack of opportunity or a failure to meet needs. While these are real problems and we absolutely need to stop the bleeding, these problems are symptoms. Even if you provide great resources, opportunities and you meet all the needs, it won’t actually fix anything. A broken heart within, can’t be fixed with new clothes on the outside.

The pain of poverty is primarily the shame of poverty, of being the lowest.  And the shame leads to fear, which turns into anger and isolates a person, it isolates them from meaningful relationships with friends or mentors. In time, the downward cycle leads to total isolation and abandonment of self. 

The pain of being at the bottom, of being the lowest, of being the neglected people of Kansas City, brings a shame and isolation you can’t imagine.  And the shame becomes debilitating because the shame creates a fear that cuts a person off from meaningful relationships. It creates an anger that pushes everyone away. It makes them believe that aren’t worthy or capable of having meaningful relationships or giving back to society.

Dr. Martin Luther King said it well when he said, “Handouts don’t bring hope. Friendship restores dignity, hope & love. Friendship is the light that casts out the darkness of hate.”
Handouts can actually increase shame, they can actually push people even further away from developing meaningful relationships and leave them more trapped.  Handouts can actually amplify the fear of worthlessness inside of people. Support and gifts can be good, but there is no greater gift you can give someone than yourself, give your time, give your ear, give your sincere concern, give of your resources and most importantly give your love in friendship. Friendship is what heals true poverty, it begins healing to a neglected soul. The truth is that indifference is worse than hate and neglect is more hurtful than anger. Poverty is most potent when it manifests through isolation from meaningful relationships, this is crushing the kids in our inner cities and it is what’s keeping them generationally trapped.

If poverty is believing you are worthless and don’t have anything to give, then breaking free from poverty is simply discovering you have value and have much to give to society. It’s discovering you have the capacity to love and are worthy to receive love. It’s realizing that you have something to give and other people value what you have to give. Breaking free from poverty is discovering that you have had intrinsic value bestowed upon you. We believe all things created are also created for a purpose and all things created with a purpose have value. Poverty is broken when one understands they have value and believe it.

Toca City isn’t going to “fix” everything. Our purpose is simple and clear, we will focus on building friendships. Friendship says I value you. Friendship is what heals and restores poverty of all types, it’s what begins healing to a neglected and orphaned soul.

*Who do I contact to learn more about getting involved with Toca City:
Interested in getting involved? click here
Donations are tax deductible and you can mail a check to Toca FC, Memo: Toca City.

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