Our Story

In 2011, Toca FC started as a group of coaches who got together to talk about the current state of youth soccer. We had been coaching long enough to get frustrated with the culture of youth soccer and we wanted to see change. We asked big questions about the true purpose of sports. What are the unique “problems” with American soccer? What should a coach be to their players and to the community? What is the true value of playing sports and why is it worth the investment of our time and the time of families?

Toca FC wasn’t built with money or nice facilities or famous coaches or great marketing, because we didn’t have any of that when we started. We started with very little, just three values: FAITH. FAMILY. FUTBOL. These values were the inspiration behind why we created Toca FC and they still are today! We had no idea if the club would make it that first year, but we trusted that God would bless it if we build wisely on a strong foundation.

God has blessed our club, we have grown over the years and we have nicer facilities, great coaches, and more resources but these values haven’t changed. Our reason for doing Toca FC hasn’t changed.

We hope you join us and become a part of this amazing community of coaches, parents, and players that make up the Toca FC family.