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***2019-20 Costs Coming Soon***

This page should help with financial planning for your family.  We do things a bit different in Toca FC.  When we started the club we tried to identify problem areas that affected families.  One of the areas was the inability to accurately budget for youth soccer.  If you have done your research you know that there are a lot of hidden costs within this industry.  Often times the price you see posted is not the price that you end up paying.  Facility rental costs, league fees, registration fees, tournaments, etc. all add up.  How do you plan for this?

We developed a payment system that takes all of that into account.  We did this to help families accurately budget for Toca FC. 

The costs that you see below include all of the following fees:  Annual Club fees, Coaching fees, all registration fees, all league fees, all tournament fees (including State Cups & President's Cups if applicable), and all facility rental costs. 

Not included are:  Uniform costs, travel costs for out of town tournaments, post-season play (including outdoor & futsal Regional and National tournaments).  

This is a new uniform cycle year resulting in a few changes to our current uniform mandates. We have made the decision to make Warm-Up Tops, Bottoms, and Backpacks mandatory pieces, replaced our main game jersey, and added some pieces to create more kit combinations. This is done to ensure that the professional appearance of our teams is maintained at a high level. Nike will offer all the necessary pieces.

You can see the Individualized Team Plans here.  We offer multiple payment plan options.  You can choose the one that makes the most sense for your family.  For Developmental Teams or Toca FC Juniors costs please go to their respective page.