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WE STRIVE To HAVE the best ENVIRONMENT IN THE COUNTRY to play youth soccer by creating a truly life-changing experience for our families. We coach to inspire kids and families to become REMARKABLE LEADERS through our values of faith, family, and futbol.

At Toca FC, we truly want to be the best place to play youth soccer in the country. We absolutely pursue State, Regional, and National Championships while launching players into the highest levels of the game! However, the pursuit of these things is simply a means to creating a life-changing experience for our players and families! We want kids and families to develop life-long friendships that go beyond the soccer field. We want the values and life lessons kids learn on the field to be carried with them into their daily life. 
For individualized team plans that are broken down by age group please see the documents below.  For questions on costs please click here.  We hope this helps answer some questions during the tryout period.


Age (Year Born) Coach Email
G2012/2013 DT Andrew McClanahan
G2011 MLS Jose Ramos
G2010 MLS Javier Beltran
G2010 USL Javier Beltran
G2009 MLS Alvaro Beltran
G2009 USL Alvaro Beltran
G2008 MLS Luke Cavlovich
G2007 MLS Andrew Miller
G2007 USL Andrew Miller
G2007 PDL Luke Cavlovich
G2006 MLS Alvaro Beltran
G2006 USL Marco Bermudez
G2005 MLS Atanas (Nasko) Karagyaurov
G2004 MLS Atanas (Nasko) Karagyaurov
G2004 USL Marco Bermudez
G2003 MLS Alvaro Beltran
G2003 USL Trent Remmich


Age (Year Born) Coach Email
B2012/2013 DT Andrew McClanahan
B2012 MLS Jose Ramos
B2011 MLS Andrew McClanahan
B2011 USL Luke Cavlovich
B2010 MLS Alec Lemmon
B2010 USL Alec Lemmon
B2010 PDL Jason Prichard
B2009 MLS Kyle Mowrer
B2009 USL Michael Guenther
B2009 PDL Martin Arias
B2009 NPSL Luke Cavlovich
B2008 MLS Martin Arias
B2008 USL Kyle Mowrer
B2008 PDL Chris Jayaram
B2007 MLS Jon Collett
B2007 USL Jon Collett
B2007 PDL Marco Bermudez
B2007 NPSL Jason Prichard
B2006 MLS Bryce McClanahan
B2006 USL Chris Jayaram
B2005 MLS John Duker
B2005 USL Brandon Daley
B2005 PDL Michael Guenther
B2004 MLS Max Laitner
B2004 USL Max Laitner
B2003 MLS Alec Lemmon
B2003 USL Michael Guenther
B2002 MLS Bryce McClanahan
B2002 USL Brandon Daley
B2001 MLS Trent Remmich
B2001 USL John Duker