At Toca we believe the value in youth soccer is not in college scholarships or professional careers, but in the process of developing kids into leaders.  We believe the value of youth soccer should be found in the day to day rhythm of being a part of Toca.  While we hope to help players reach the next level, the real value is not the end result. We focus our efforts on creating an experience that teaches discipline, hard work, leadership, character and teamwork as we seek to become the best we can be. An experience that will raises up kids and families to become remarkable leaders in their community!

2013-2014 Soccer Season Costs

 Annual Payment3 Payment Plan10 Payment Plan
U8 - Price A$1,224.88$418.50$128.62
U9 - Price A$1,339.25$457.58$140.62
U9 - Price B$1,270.50$434.09$133.40
U10 - Price A$1,414.25$483.20$148.50
U10 - Price B$1,345.50$459.71$141.27
U11/12 - Price A$1,398.00$477.65$146.79
U11/12 - Price B$1,338.50$457.32$140.54
U13/14 - Price A$1,354.79$462.89$142.25
U13/14 - Price B$1,269.07$433.60$133.25
 Annual Payment2 Payment Plan7 Payment Plan
U15/16 - Price A$1,053.71$540.03$158.05
U15/16 - Price B$940.86$482.19$141.13
U17/18/19 - Price A$1,075.50$551.20$161.32
U17/18/19 - Price B$1,001.57$513.30$150.24

What does this include?

All leagues (fall, winter, spring), all tournaments (fall, winter, spring), annual club fee, coaching fee, club fee, all rentals (fall, winter, spring), speed and agility, academy, goal keeper training, team activities, player cards.  We did all the hard budgeting  homework in an effort to simplify life! We hope this makes life easier for everyone!

One other thing…

We did not include uniforms. We would have included it, but it is actually going to be way easier for each individual parent to go in and order whatever they need online. 

We are working with soccer master to offer a Toca FC online store where they can select and purchase their uniform.  Every Toca player will need (at least): 2 training tops (navy blue and orange), navy blue shorts, 2 socks (light blue and navy blue) and the light blue game jersey.

We plan to change our the light blue jersey every two years. It’s your responsibility to replace the two training tops as needed.

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